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A document or other source external to Core Practice.

References are defined in the master RADIX Framework.  In Druapl they are stored as taxonomy, and are autmatically referecned in the document simply by typing their OID in the text.  OIDs can be looked up here


A process is a set of activities (practices) that achieve a result or deliverable: payroll, change management, partner management, IT production support …


A practice is an activity: something that needs to be done to make a Process work.
Practices can be type Create, Interval, Project, or Continuous.
• Create Practices are done once.
• Interval Practices are done (optionally) once to set them up, then once every interval. Users will decide what interval to perform all Interval Perform practices on as part of starting out on Core Practice, hopefully with guidance from us as a result of an assessment questionnaire. Some will do them weekly, others fortnightly or monthly, depending on the criticality of the Discipline to them. The period has to be set at a Discipline level, not e.g. per Practice – much too complex.


A subclass of Document. One to two pages (preferably) of advice and process to achieve a result: what to consider, how to think about it, what to do about it, and where to go if more information is required. Has OID n……n.12.1 where n…n is the OID of the related object. Headings are: Header, including OID Definition Preparation required: other people to involve, data to collect Estimated minimum effort: time in hours for • Initial setup • Per interval or per project Three objectives Three steps to implement Three steps to perform Three KPIs Best practice commentary References (including Techniques, Templates and/or Workbooks)


Initially Core Practice is focusing solely on small business. At some time someone is going to expand the CP to cover medium and large organisations, and public bodies. Now CP for say Change Management will be quite different for a small business and a large business. Not only will there be many more practices in the large, there will be more processes too. We call each of these sets, the Small Business one and the large enterprise one, the GROUP of the practice or process. So do we add an attribute to processes and attributes to say which groups they exist in? Or do we have an entirely distinct process model and set of CPs for each group?


Domains are there primarily as a unit of assessment. They also correlate closely with Role where Role is related at the Process (Owner) rather than Practice (Performer) level. They may be a redundant entity??, although we expect People, Finance and especially Operations will also decompose into multiple Domains once they are fully modelled, so it may be useful to retain the entity.


An artefact created within Core Practice (as compared to a reference, which is outside Core Practice) which is written text, spreadsheet, webpage or other substantial unit of content. Special instances of document include: • Omnibus • Guidance • Template • Workbook • Textbook


Discipline is the highest level in the RADIX model within a group. A Discipline is a body of knowledge, a set of related processes, e.g. Governance (managing the business) or Operations (the day-to-day working of the business, a.k.a. the value chain).

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