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Users and user interface

Most regular users of the IoCP website will be internet-literate. They will be management and IT professionals, consultants and vendors.
Infrequent users will generally be accessing content. They can be assumed to have a minimal level of internet skill – those who have no skills or access will get content via specialist third-party providers catering to them through other channels (e.g. CPAs, lawyers or bankers distributing hardcopy). The content-publishing component must therefore be the most user-friendly part of the website and readily accessible from the homepage. It should not make demands on the users, whereas other areas such as forums, submission and review, or transactions can assume a higher level of skill.

Concept of operations

The main capabilities of the system are:
·        identity management: authentication, authorisation, access, attributes (profile)
·        transactions: registrations, applications, payments, profile changes
·        collaboration: forums, user groupings
·        workflow: submission, review, approval

System concept

The website will include:
·        Online content for CP models and the RADIX Framework, accessible to all and downloadable or printable by all. Still to be determined is whether “downloadable” includes in a single consolidated unit such as a book or CD, or just in discrete components. Maintaining such a unit involves considerable effort which might be left to commercial third parties.
·        An integral rep


The website should foster the Institute community and advance the aims of the Institute, including promoting the concept of Core Practice, and development and distribution of the Core Practice content. 
Note that the Institute community does not exactly equate to the CP user community. The Institute community consists of
·        Office holders and committee members of the Institute
·        Fellows, members and associate members of the Institute

User requirements

This document is the definitive specification of the user requirements for the corepractice.org website of IoCP. 
This document is intended to be read by
·        all responsible for the development
·        users, user representatives, and other interested parties

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