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Rob England

Rob England is a "portfolio entrepreneur", working on multiple activities via his company, Two Hills.  These include Core Practice developer, obviously, as well as speaking coach, ITIL consultant, sales coach, trainer, author, small business researcher, and internet businessman.

Before forming Two Hills, Rob spent 17 years in three countries with Computer Associates, the world's largest independent management software company. Rob was CA New Zealand’s Principal Consultant, working with clients to understand their business issues and requirements and to develop appropriate technology solutions to meet their needs.

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Software components

The website is currently based on Drupal Content Management System (CMS).
We looked at Plone and Xaraya as two other close contenders, but Drupal www.drupal.org won out due to its maturity, its extensive user contributions, its superior community capabilities and e-commerce capabilities (memberships, fees etc). See appendix for rankings at the time the comparison was made.
The main perceived weaknesses of Drupal are image handling, content type handling and workflow. Tests will be (March 2006) performed to confirm Drupal can meet user requirements. Significant new developments have happened and are ongoing in Drupal in these areas.

Other Systems

The financial system will be standalone. Probably it will not be hosted – it will reside on a PC in IoCP offices or with the Treasurer Financial data will be produced from the website as CSV.

Force taxonomy type same as RADIX node type

Force content of type “practice� to have taxonomy object model of term “practice�. Same for Process etc

Enhance printer-friendly prints

Log all printer-friendly prints or other downloads to database, so we can track who, what date, what node(s), what version

Data model

The logical object model is defined in RADIX.
The data model will not be designed – it is derived from the resulting Drupal CMS database.

Application Architecture

IoCP Application Architecture model

       About the IoCP
Usual static information about the Institute: overview, history, executive, contact us etc
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