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A message to all interested in Core Practice

[Updated April 1 2009 (no seriously)] Core Practice is the concept of good enough, copper not gold, in implementing processes. Core Practice, or CoPr, provides a process framework across the whole organisation, a taxonomy for organisaing processes and practices within them, a methodology for creating and filtering practice documentation, and more - all released into the public domain as open content but with a commercial model overlaid on to to incent contributors.

After a couple of years of inactivity while I tried unsuccessfully to generate some interest from an organisation (any organisation), and given the failure of an active CoPr community to spontaneously burst into life :-D, CoPr will get a new lease of life.

An Introduction to Core Practice

This document is an overview of CoPr (Core Practice, pronounced "copper") and of the Institute of Core Practice.


Welcome to the IoCP Community forum
The intent of this forum is to discuss issues relating to members of the IoCP community: Institute members, contributors, committees, vendors, consultants, advertisers.
It is about how we work together, keep things runnign smoothly and help each other.
It is not a forum for hawking business or flaming other members. please stick to the rules

About Core Practice

Not everyone can afford or wants best practice. We fully support best practices for those organisations that have the commitment and resources and reason to adopt best practice. For those who do not, something more pragmatic is required, which can be distilled from best practice as well as from legislative requirements and other sources. For these organisations (e.g. small businesses, start-ups, the cash-strapped) there is Core Practice. “If you do nothing else, do these things.”

Welcome to Core Practice

"Best practice is a substitute for knowledge" Krag Brotby

Simple: a checklist of the minimum things every business needs to do, and how to do them with the least fuss: the copper answer not the gold one.

Free: contributed by the public, and returned to the public for free. It is distributed online at this website, or you can download it as a book. Really. No strings, no spam, no catch.

Database restore

Trying to repair all the CoPr data, we had a ...ahem... glitch. We've lost all new data, including new user registrations, between August 2nd and 8th 2009. Sorry about the inconvenience

Multiple site configuration (for Bedrock)

July 2006 I split Bedrock off as its own site.

this required multiple Drupal site configuration.

I considered using Drupal shared tables feature so that we could have common users and perhaps even common node info (so the Bedrock Omnibus could be seen and worked on from both CoPr and Bedrock sites) but it got ugly:

Want Bedrock users to see only Bedrock-specific recent comments, forums etc

I think some of the contrib modules and maybe some of my hacks use hard-coded table names instead of using curly brackets around them.  These would need to be fixed to use shared tables.

Core Practice FAQ

What is Core Practice?

Core Practice is an innovative new concept: the strategic decision to minimise cost in part of the enterprise by implementing practices sufficient to (a) meet obligations and (b) to make processes work to a standard sufficient that risk (to the organisation and to people in its care) is reduced to some acceptable level.
Core Practice is documented business guidance on the core practices, which is user contributed and free. We aim for a million users.
Core Practice is an international organisation of people to promote the concept and maintain the guidance.
Core Practice is a website for the organisation and the guidance.
Core Practice is an ideological movement to make Core Practice a respectable alternative to Best Practice (the copper answer not the gold one), and to bring core practices into the public domain.

Is this revolutionary?

We think we are doing something revolutionary here.  is this the first open-source, user-contributed business information?

Open source and similar concepts are well established in other areas (political transparency, freeware, journalism, encyclopaedia...) but has anyone done this with business information in general or process guidance in particular (small business or otherwise)?

Wikipedia has information in it that is useful to a business, but it is not business-focused.  It is aimed at the "man-in-the-street" or rather the "person-on-the-browser" (POTB).  A small business owner is little removed from a POTB but Wikipedia is too wide-ranging to qualify as "business information".

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