Small Business

What do I do with CoPr once I have it?

Only (1) what you can afford and (2) what benefits your business.

You only have so much time and money to devote to planning and managing the business.  We think all these Practices are essential but that doesn't mean you will ever get to all of them.  Every small business is winging it in some area (so are many much larger businesses).  Hopefully by this point you have a list of Practices you ought to be looking at.  With luck we have even given you some guidance on where to start and/or what order to do them in.

Doing it "by the bo

I want to start a business or I am in the process of starting one

You need to get a bare minimum set of practices in place as quick as you can to ensure the initial functioning of the business and get you through that all important first year. 

Start with Maturity Level 0:Beginning practices.  Try to get all the Level 0 practices in place, then start on Level 1:Controlled practices.  Within those practices start with Optimising Model: Plan practices. 

What do you want from Core Practice?

Consider which of the following describes your motivation for being here.  If you are not sure what you are looking for, talk it over with people, including those in our forums.

practice:Measure number of contacts

dummy issue for load - ignore this

practice:Communicate acqusition policy/process

dummy issue for load - ignore this

practice:Measure security violations

dummy issue for load - ignore this

practice:Create a CoPr plan

dummy issue for load - ignore this

process:Organisational structure

dummy issue for load - ignore this

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