Small Business

What comes after CoPr?

Take another look at the definition of Core Practice:

Core Practice: the strategic decision to minimise cost in a discipline of the enterprise by implementing practices sufficient to (a) meet obligations and (b) to make processes work to a standard sufficient that risk (to the organisation and to people in its care) is reduced to some acceptable level.

Core Practice is just enough to make the Processes work and not put anyone (or the business) at unacceptable risk.  We think that is a sensible and intelligent level for a business to aim for in non-critical areas of the business.  We think there is too much emphasis on aiming for best practice in all areas: it is wasteful, distracting and a drag on the business.

I want to help my small-business clients

You are free to give them a copy of CoPr, so long as you follow the rules of the license (handing them an unchanged copy of CoPr is definitely within the terms of the license).

You will want to learn as much as you can about CoPr so you can give them some good advice on how to approach using it.

You may like to get trained and/or certified by the IoCP to give your clients assurance about using your advice.

I am changing gears in the business

Small businesses "change gear" when:

  • you survive that first wild year and you can start plugging the leaks and baling out and try to get things stabilised
  • you reach a point where slogging on doing what you are doing is not attractive so you lift your game: scale things up and tighten things up and get some real money coming in
  • you reach a point where slogging on doing what you are doing is not attractive so you tidy things up and tighten things up ready to sell it
  • you reach a nice stable state and you want to level them out and coast home to retirement
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