Multiple site configuration (for Bedrock)

July 2006 I split Bedrock off as its own site.

this required multiple Drupal site configuration.

I considered using Drupal shared tables feature so that we could have common users and perhaps even common node info (so the Bedrock Omnibus could be seen and worked on from both CoPr and Bedrock sites) but it got ugly:

Want Bedrock users to see only Bedrock-specific recent comments, forums etc

I think some of the contrib modules and maybe some of my hacks use hard-coded table names instead of using curly brackets around them.  These would need to be fixed to use shared tables.

Is this revolutionary?

We think we are doing something revolutionary here.  is this the first open-source, user-contributed business information?

Open source and similar concepts are well established in other areas (political transparency, freeware, journalism, encyclopaedia...) but has anyone done this with business information in general or process guidance in particular (small business or otherwise)?

Wikipedia has information in it that is useful to a business, but it is not business-focused.  It is aimed at the "man-in-the-street" or rather the "person-on-the-browser" (POTB).  A small business owner is little removed from a POTB but Wikipedia is too wide-ranging to qualify as "business information".

Through the Looking Glass: ITIL in Small Business

The attached white paper is a presentation given by Rob to the itSMF NZ national Conference 2006.


Abstract: Making large-organisation best practices fit in Small to Medium Enterprises takes us into an Alice-in-Wonderland world where nothing is quite the same. What loomed large has vanished and what was trivial is suddenly enormous. In Timothy Leary fashion [you kids look him up on Google] we can learn much about our everyday reality by getting outside it for a change. "Trip out" with this presentation and see your own Service Management world in a whole new way.

Trademarks and underlying copyright

The "root" copyright behind the GNU for much of CoPr is held by Two Hills Ltd, as a legal entity. 
So too are the trademarks "CoPr", "RADIX Framework", "Institute of Core Practice", and the Koru Tick
Two Hills Ltd holds these copyrights and trademarks in stewardship for the CoPr community and will not use them for commercial purposes.

Discipline, Domain

CoPr is made up of Processes your business does, and Practices (tasks, activities) you do to make those Processes happen.  People are assigned to Roles that own those Processes and perform those Practices.  Here is an example of a Role:


CoPr is made up of Processes your business does, and Practices (tasks, activities) you do to make those Processes happen.  Here is an example of a Process (this is part of the Governance (managing the business) Discipline:

Other Systems

The financial system will be standalone. Probably it will not be hosted – it will reside on a PC in IoCP offices or with the Treasurer Financial data will be produced from the website as CSV.

Out of scope

• Financial system for the Institute

Constraint Requirements

·        A minimum response time is not required
·        Support for a variety of input text formats. 
·        Negotiated overall availability e.g. 98%
·        Transactional integrity with payments gateway

Systems Management Functional Requirements

Operational monitoring and control
·        Realtime monitoring by MSP of service availability and performance
·        Alerting to IoCP of outages
·        Monthly service level reporting
System instrumentation, accounting, tuning
·        Realtime web statistics
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