Control, support and maintenance

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The production website will be outsourced to a hosting managed service provider (MSP). This will include some or all of hardware, database, web server and the CMS. It will also include file storage for all versions of the content: current production, archives, and changes under review. 
A copy of all versions is to be stored offsite under IoCP control as well.
Hosting of the development version of the website may or may not be outsourced.
As part of hosting services, as much administration, maintenance and support as possible should also be outsourced to the MSP, under a service contract with defined reporting. Exceptions are CMS administration and user administration.
It is expected that IoCP would have direct access to administration and reporting functions as well. At a minimum these should include
·        web statistics dashboard and reports
·        service level reports (availability, performance)
·        management and configuration of the payments gateway
·        CMS administration
·        User administration
…and preferably would also include
·        Database administration
·        Web server administration
·        Email administration
CMS administration will be by IoCP. All content-related processes, Institute transactions, and obviously all financial functions will be functions of the website, under IoCP control as CMS administrators.
User administration will be by IoCP. This includes CMS, email and domain profiles. The preferred principle is that outsourcers are not required or involved in user administration.
IoCP will be responsible for change control and especially change approval, of as much of the infrastructure as possible – at a minimum control over changes to the database instance, web server settings, CMS settings and CMS version.
Lifecycle management of CMS and other settings may be hosted or onsite at IoCP.
Lifecycle management of content is a function of the website processes, but it may be extended with a lifecycle-management tool as well at the file level, e.g. Tortoise (or CVS if we must)
IoCP will be responsible for website development. Some of this may be outsourced to a CMS specialist and/or a web design specialist.
This page is part of a set of pages: "corepractice.org technical manual"
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