Concept of operations

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The main capabilities of the system are:
·        identity management: authentication, authorisation, access, attributes (profile)
·        transactions: registrations, applications, payments, profile changes
·        collaboration: forums, user groupings
·        workflow: submission, review, approval
·        publication and repurposing
·        communications: notifications, subscriptions, email, mailouts
·        branding
·        advertising
Processes to be supported (end-to-end unless otherwise noted) are
·        Application for membership
·        Application for certification(s)
·        Application for recognition of qualification
·        Processing applications
·        Payments
·        Maintaining catalog of payments
·        Reconciliation of payments
·        User administration (and self-administration)
·        Submission of CP content
·        Submission of website content, including advertising
·        Processing user feedback
·        Review, annotation and voting on content
·        Approval or rejection of content
·        Modification of content
·        Packaging of content (release) and staging (including creating an export for vendors, regional chapters, and cutting CDs)
·        Forum moderation
·        Mailout generation
·        Site administration and operations
·        Reporting: usage, incidents, capacity, revenue
·        Repository maintenance
·        Content rollback and recovery
This page is part of a set of pages: "corepractice.org technical manual"
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