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The website will include:
·        Online content for CP models and the RADIX Framework, accessible to all and downloadable or printable by all. Still to be determined is whether “downloadable” includes in a single consolidated unit such as a book or CD, or just in discrete components. Maintaining such a unit involves considerable effort which might be left to commercial third parties.
·        An integral repository for maintaining the master version of CP content. This component is considered part of the website specification even though it could conceivably be a distinct project. It is felt that since it is so closely integrated with the website, and such an overwhelming proportion of its use will be via the website, it would not be wise to treat it separately.
·        Mechanisms to submit proposed amendments, additions and major extensions to content; for the public to review and comment on and vote on them; and for committees to approve of them. It is proposed that all submissions be online: the user will cut and paste into website form(s).
·        Mechanism for making payments
·        Mechanism for joining the Institute and maintaining membership information, for registering for events, for applying for certifications, and other transactions between the community and the Institute. The intent is that all interactions should be online – the Institute will be “paperless”. While many people prefer hardcopy, it is anticipated that none of the Institute community – as compared to the broader CP user community - would be without internet access. An option of a confirmation letter might be offered but this would represent considerable additional expense to the Institute
·        Forums for free support and discussion of content, including special authorisation for moderators and for mentors
·        Forums for the administration of the affairs of the Institute
The website will connect with
·        other websites to refer users to additional sources of guidance, supplementary information, products and services, both public domain and commercial
·        regional IoCP websites
This page is part of a set of pages: "corepractice.org technical manual"
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