User requirements

This document is the definitive specification of the user requirements for the corepractice.org website of IoCP. 
This document is intended to be read by
·        all responsible for the development
·        users, user representatives, and other interested parties
The website is to be the public online interface and the primary interface to the IoCP. As a result, it should represent the brand, support the contributor community, support the Institute, and provide access to the CP content.
At the IoCP website, corepractice.org, users can:
1.     Contribute to Core Practice through
§         Feedback: comments, corrections, requests. These are reviewed by a committee and referred to the original author(s) if applicable and/or actioned by the committee
§         Votes, polls, surveys.
§         Content: supplementary or replacement material for documents and/or webpages. These are reviewed by a committee and put up on the website for voting and comments
§         Products: commercially offered content, tools or services to be linked to Core Practice objects. These are reviewed by a committee including if possible the original author(s) of the linked object, for appropriateness, repute of the vendor and some minimum quality standard. If deemed suitable, a fee is charged from the contributor and a link is included in the object. An additional fee-per-transaction may be charged as royalties but this could be hard to track and manage.
2.     Access the content of Core Practice
§         Online as linked hypertext, free for the public domain material and however the vendor chooses to charge for commercial content
§         Downloaded, free for the public domain material and however the vendor chooses to charge for commercial content
§         Vendors are permitted to sell hardcopy or CD of the public domain material
3.     Join in Core Practice community
§         Online forums relating to the management and discussion of the Core Practice content and Institute – free
4.     Get help
§         Support from volunteers on the forum – free
§         Search the corepractice.org forum archives - free