The Process for Content Contribution

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Registered users can submit new or amended content. This can be CoPr content (book page) or website information (page). (You can also submit stories, forum entries, issues or comments, which all get published directly without the contribution process. We have moderators who will review these for suitability). By submitting content you consent unconditionally to that content being distributed under the GNU Free Documentation license. The content will apppear at Content for review (and on the moderators' queue). Other users can see it, comment on it, vote on it. After a period, the Content Committee will review it. They will consider

  • the consensus of other users
    •  what has been the feedback via comments and voting?
    • has there been enough feedback?
    • does a key point need to be put to a poll?
    • does it reflect mainstream thinking?
  • suitability and accuracy of content
    • is it non-offensive, legal etc? 
    • does it need expert review?
  • clarity of writing
    • is it brief, to the point, minimising options?
    • is it readable and logical?
  • consistency with the principles of Core Practice
  • potential violation of any copyrights

They will either

  • add standard changes (formatting, copyright etc), link it into CoPr, and publish it
  • refer back to you to suggest changes
  • refer back to you to suggest forming an IoCP Project to work on it further
  • decline it and delete it

If it is published you will receive

    • acknowledgement as a contributor on this website
    • the reward of having helped others like you
    • the gratitude of your peers
    • membership of the Institute for a period determined by the Content Committee
This page is part of a set of pages: "Guide to the IoCP website: corepractice.org"
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