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"Best practice is a substitute for knowledge" Krag Brotby

Simple: a checklist of the minimum things every business needs to do, and how to do them with the least fuss: the copper answer not the gold one.

Free: contributed by the public, and returned to the public for free. It is distributed online at this website, or you can download it as a book. Really. No strings, no spam, no catch.

  • Starting a business? Get the answers, quickly.
  • Advising a business? Give them this.
  • Improving a business? Make sure all the bases are covered, and no more.
  • Selling a business? Get it ship-shape.

Core Practice helps you spend where you need to and not where you don't. It should also increase competitiveness by focusing spend and effort in the right places. It will reduce the risk of losing all you have worked to build.

The first iteration of Core Practice is called Bedrock and it is targeted at small business.

Why are we doing CoPr? Because corepractice.org seeks to change the world

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Core Practice is a pragmatic approach to writing down the basic minimum things to do to run a business. (It is about time someone did). It is called CoPr, pronounced "copper", as in the copper version not the gold one: still looks shiny, has much the same properties, but at a fraction of the cost and it's easier to find. Learn more here

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You can read or download or print all the Core Practices and guidance on how to use them without registering or paying anything, so long as you follow the terms of the license, because the Core Practices are free documentation.

They come from you, the community, who review and comment on what is there, and propose new content, and form the Institute that manages and approves the content.

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