Brand CoPr for Small Business

"CoPr for Small Business" is rather prosaic. We need a snappy brand. We went for the conservative "IoCP" and "CoPr", but in the case of branding the SMall Business group, i think we should go for something sharper. The REALLY IMPORTANT name is the name of the CoPr group for SB. This is the most important name we will come up with. it will be the figurehead name that is in the media and on everyone's lips and on the front of lots of things. It will become the label the whole dagnabbed mess is known by: institute, website, books, people, practices - the lot. "

Names are important. This is a corollary of the theorem: "Perception is reality." Imagine how history would have been different if Napoléon Bonaparte had been named Pépé Le Pew. Indeed. budding dictators such as Ioseb Jughashvili and Adolf Schicklgruber knew instinctively that, if you want the world at your feet, you had better get a good name....

Here are the criteria that we should all follow, but are often not following, when it comes to naming:

Names should be serious and accurate. It is good to name things after people, but only if you can resist the pressure to hyphenate with two or three extra names.

Names should be evocative and inspiring. " http://www.symmetrymag.org/cms/?pid=1000087

the bad news is we need it and fairly soon. the good news is we are free. the name doesn't need to be any particular format. it doesn't need to have a free URL (though it would be nice and if it does we'll grab it as an alias for corepractice.org). it doesn't need to contain the word "institute".

now bear with me here. read this http://www.igorinternational.com/process/filters-naming-powerful-names.php  "The innovative name forces people to create a separate box in their head to put it in. "

and this: http://www.igorinternational.com/process/negativity-naming-strategy.php  and ponder Least Practice again

Just maybe it is a product name for small business CoPr?????

or let's go further. read this http://www.igorinternational.com/process/evocative-product-company-names.php  "the new name had to be:

  • short, evocative, and loaded with meaning (the usual requirements)
  • fun, human, memorable, distinctive
  • relevant yet non-descriptive
  • usable as a verb able to capture the attention of the world
  • supportive of the company's positioning
  • a deep well of marketing/advertising imagery and language going forward
  • able to tap into the hearts and minds of their audience in a unique way
  • a strong competitive advantage
  • a compelling advertisement in and of itself
  • And of course, on top of all that the name had to be available from both a trademark and a domain name perspective"


 in which case the CP for SB might be called something like (my role model for these was that brilliant NZ website: Sorted)

  • Free Practice or FreeSet or just Free (well, it's free, it sets you free of the burden of best practice, it frees you up to do other competitive things.  Set yourself a weekly task: set yourself Free...)
  • Bases Covered
  • The Pink Book (well everything corporate seems to be blue so...)
  • The Yellow Book
  • Soup (simple food for simple folk, a bit of everything boiled down)
  • Cheat at Business or just CHEAT (no hard questions, just the answers)
  • The Too Hard Basket (here's everything that you put in...)
  • Wallop (no messing about, fix the problem)

I like all of them.

P.S. i did US Trademark (not company name) searches:

Freeset only one is pens for insulin, so they are not in the same category.

Free practice - no hits

no hits for Pink Book

Orange Book reference materials and textbooks used in the instruction of emergency medical personnel.

Yellow Book numerous directories, nothing much else


Soup has been done by clothing, bags, CDs, laser plotters, computer programs for use in image archival - looks Ok to me

Cheat Entertainment services , - looks OK

Too Hard Basket - no hits

Wallop there's a few, this is closest; computer software for use in facilitating online social interactions - looks OK to me

Brass Tacks has been done a lot, including Books and pamphlets relating to improvement of the personal and organzational performance of business owners - bit too close


Please comment....