Is this revolutionary?

We think we are doing something revolutionary here.  is this the first open-source, user-contributed business information?

Open source and similar concepts are well established in other areas (political transparency, freeware, journalism, encyclopaedia...) but has anyone done this with business information in general or process guidance in particular (small business or otherwise)?

Wikipedia has information in it that is useful to a business, but it is not business-focused.  It is aimed at the "man-in-the-street" or rather the "person-on-the-browser" (POTB).  A small business owner is little removed from a POTB but Wikipedia is too wide-ranging to qualify as "business information".

ITIL comes close.  It  is certainly business process advice (for IT operations).  it is open source but it is not user-contributed.  They use the Cathedral not the Bazaar.  We are heavily involved in the ITIL community and we have learned much from it. 

But we use the Bazaar model: development is done openly, by the community, on the internet.  Actually strictly speaking we do not use a pure bazaar model: almost nobody does.  Linux fixes are still accepted by an inner circle.  Even wikipedia updates are still reviewed by moderators if they are libelous or subject to heated dispute. 

We are fairly close to the bazaar model.  Any user who identifies themselves can submit.  Proposed content is visible to all.  Any user can vote or comment.  An "inner circle" committee from the IoCP has final say on acceptance but they have strictly defined constitutional criteria for acceptance: the focus is on quality control.