Constraint Requirements

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·        A minimum response time is not required
·        Support for a variety of input text formats. 
·        Negotiated overall availability e.g. 98%
·        Transactional integrity with payments gateway
·        No other special recovery requirements: in flight transactions other than payments are not critical. Lost transactions will make themselves known and can be re-entered.
·        Fallback or failover systems not required
·        Alternate manual systems not required.
·        Maximum outage 3 hours
·        Quarterly service windows
Capacity and expansibility
·        Preference for a MSP who can scale to top-end performance if necessary (e.g. a million hits a day). Best scenario is an on-demand model, as this level of capacity would be only a passing phenomenon (e.g. media driven).
·        Storage capacity unlikely to ever be an issue as most content is text
·        Number of registered users (i.e. IoCP members and participating users) is unlikely to ever be more than 100,000
·        All proposed software will run on a xNUX platform. Current development and testing is on Windows/XP so this is preferred for compatibility reasons but not mandatory
·        Support for as wide a variety of browsers as possible
·        Normal DMZ/Firewall, AV, anti-spam, anti-spyware precautions expected from MSP
·        No https required (except on outsourced payments gateway)
·        No secure data stored (e.g. credit cards, social security numbers, financial)
·        Two factor authentication for administrative functions such as database and CMS would be desirable
Safety and consumer protection
·        All users to be 18 years of age.
·        Terms and conditions to include a waiver of any liability
·        Technical standards as specified above.
·        No applicable web design standards???
System construction
·        Design decisions to be documented in this document
·        Development to be iterative and rapid
o       Formal scoping not required
o       Change control not required during development
·        Website to be live by 16th June 2006, in time for ICSB Conference
·        Lifetime of underlying architecture and infrastructure is about three years
·        Lifetime of interface design is about 12 months
This page is part of a set of pages: "corepractice.org technical manual"
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