User Facilities Requirements

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All interaction is via a web browser.   We do not cater for mobile devices or other specialist interfaces. Nor will we automatically process emails.
As many web browsers as possible should be supported, but at a minimum IE and Netscape.
Some consideration should be given to disability access and multiple languages.
Authentication of users will be password only. Two factor authentication should be considered for administrative access.
Two levels of interaction should be provided: simple access for downloading content, and more advanced access for other functions.
Conceptually, users will see the website as providing
            My CP
o       My profile and account
o       My memberships and accreditations/certifications
o       My contributions to the website: forums, blogs, pages…
o       My contributions to content; comments, submissions
            Access CP content
o       Read and search online
o       Download or print
o       Access to external 3rd party content
            Help with CP
o       Discussion with other users
o       Free support and mentoring
o       Access to external 3rd party assistance
            Interacting with the Institute
o       Propose new content projects
o       Submit amendments or additions
o       Comment and vote on proposed amendments
o       Information about the organisation and events
o       Questions and support
o       Registrations and other transactions
o       Payments
o       Participation in committees etc
Authorised users can do
            Mentoring and moderation
            Approval of content submissions
            Committee activities
Emails can be received into IoCP mailboxes for manual processing.
Committee members need web access to their email mailboxes, with auto-forwarding capability.
This page is part of a set of pages: "corepractice.org technical manual"
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