RADIX Maturity Model

We looked at flavours of CMM [ref 0.11.23 ,0.11.24 , 0.11.25, 0.11.26, 0.11.27] and especially the NOEMI SME-modified model [ref 0.11.28], as well as others. All seem too complex for what we want to do; it needs to be pragmatic, simple, and readily understandable without consultants. It needs to communicate to a non-technical user.
We needed a model that focused on results and allowed an incremental implementation of process changes: in CMMI terms a continuous versus staged approach.
We chose names that are not pejorative or judgemental.
We have adopted a four level RADIX Maturity Model:


Can do some cool things:  TABLE

 Phase  Done To do 
 1 30   13
 2  0  35
 3  0  32

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