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website designer

Wanted: somebody to improve on Rob's amateur efforts in designing this website's layout and navigation, including some or all of:

  • the clutter - looks too busy
  • making it intuitive for non-technical people just looking for free CoPr

Preferably someone with experience in Drupal as we don't plan on changing CMS


graphic designer

Wanted: somebody to improve on Rob's amateur efforts in designing this website's graphics, including some or all of:

  • the theme
  • the "mindmap" and "structure" pictures in "Navigating CoPr"
  • the banner ads


Brand CoPr for Small Business

"CoPr for Small Business" is rather prosaic. We need a snappy brand. We went for the conservative "IoCP" and "CoPr", but in the case of branding the SMall Business group, i think we should go for something sharper. The REALLY IMPORTANT name is the name of the CoPr group for SB. This is the most important name we will come up with. it will be the figurehead name that is in the media and on everyone's lips and on the front of lots of things. It will become the label the whole dagnabbed mess is known by: institute, website, books, people, practices - the lot. "

CoPr for Small Business

This project tracks the development of content for version 1.0 of the Small Business Group of COre Practice.
Feel free to comment on any proposed tasks and to volunteer for any agreed tasks.
This project needs a Project Owner.


This form is for general site feedback.

Most pages of CoPr content have "Add a comment" links below them. To provide feedback on any content of this website, please use those links.

Institute members also have access to create Issues for IoCP Projects. If there is a suggestion, request or bug regarding an Institute project , please use those if you are permitted.

This form is for more general feedback about the website or the Institute of Core Practice.

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To evaluators of this website

Welcome.  There is an enormous amount to learn, like any new system.  Find your way like any new user, but a few extra notes for you:

Wander round.  At the bottom of most screens is an "add comment' link.   please do so freely to record impressions, opinions, suggestions.  There are now about 1400 nodes already so you may not get around everything :-) Front Page is a good place to start. You can get it from the main menu top right, the pretty graphic to the left, the Read menu....

See the menu at left.  Once you register it has your user-id as its title, otherwise it is just called "Navigation".  Click "my account" . 

Enhance corepractice.org website

once the website is up and running, tasks and bugs to work on later

IoCP web host westhost.com

see attached file for evaluation

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